20 Fun Eyelash Trends Worth Trying & 10 That Are Too Over-The-Top

Eyelashes are currently the biggest trend in beauty, according to Allure. Having gorgeous eyelashes adds va-va-voom to your appearance, and stylish eyelashes are all the rage this year. It's not just about the eyeliner and mascara you wear on them, but the glamor with which you decide to decorate your lashes that takes them to the next level. Before you jump on the eyelash trends this season, it's worth knowing that not all of them are worthy of ending up in your beauty arsenal. Some of the latest eyelash trends might look fun and fab on the fashion runways but they're just not sane enough to wear in your daily life. An example is wearing fuzzy pompoms on your lashes. What the heck is that about? Rather save the pompoms for your shoes because they'll just look weird on your eyes. In some ways, eyelash trends are similar to nail trends - too much art can actually make the result garish instead of gorgeous. So, instead of going OTT with your eyes this summer which can be a fashion fail, choose the first 10 beautiful trends on this list that are subtle yet eye-catching, and skip the last 10 trends that go a little too far into the dark side.

20Love: Magnetic Lashes

Fake eyelashes are always in style, and they're a quick way to pump up your eyelash volume as well as length. But are they easy to achieve? No! If you've ever tried to wear fake eyelashes, you'll know that sometimes they can be messy and difficult to get right. If you're in a rush when trying to put them on, don't even bother because you really need patience when applying them. One of the eyelash trends to try is magnetic lashes. They make getting gorgeous and thicker lashes so much easier because they have magnets on them to make applying them over your natural lashes a cinch.

This means that you don't have to mess around with glue which can create a mess or irritate your eyes, such as if you have a latex allergy.

Once the lashes are in place, you're all set and don't have to worry about the lashes coming undone. As described on Bustle, you get two sets - one for your upper lashes and one for your lower lashes - so you can achieve gorgeous, fluttery lashes without the drama. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the magnets are really tiny so no one will be able to see them.

19Leave: Eyelash Jewelry

You can add diamonds and gems to your eyelashes, so bling it on. But tread carefully. Too much glitter and glitz can make your eyelashes look like they’ve dipped themselves in glue and rolled around in your jewelry drawer. This is especially the case if you not only choose jewel-encrusted fake lashes but also do dramatic colors on your eyelid. While the effect is beautiful, it can be too much. All the elements in the above picture try too hard to pull your attention, with the result that the jewels are actually missed in the process. If you want to wear jewel-adorned lashes, something subtle will get noticed and look glamorous instead of gaudy. Even though it’s tempting to go big with your jewel lashes, reel in the temptation and focus on one or two extensions that contain diamonds or pearls on them. If you’re going to do all your lashes, then make sure the jewel bits are tiny so that they remain stylish. For example, by choosing false eyelashes that have tiny diamond studs along their lash line. Remember, the use of jewels on your eyelashes should be to draw attention to your eyes, not steal all the attention.

18Love: Mermaid Lashes

The mermaid trend has been making hairstyles much more colorful than ever before, but while you're playing around with more vibrant hair, why not inject some of that mermaid color into your eyelashes?

Mermaid eyelashes are basically eyelash extensions, but with a really cool twist of color that every fashionista should try.

As reported by Allure, how these extensions work is that some of the lashes that get glued to your natural lashes will match your natural eyelash color, while the rest will include a beautiful color, such as purple or blue, or whatever color tickles your fancy.

This balances out the color so the eyelashes look natural. If you're more daring, opt for more than one bold color. One of the best things about this trend is that you don't have to wear mascara, ever - your eyes are beautifully decorated with mermaid tones of color, and your lashes will be long and voluminous without any effort on your part. Low-maintenance lashes have never looked so good. You'll definitely want to flutter your eyelashes a lot more in public to show them off! This look is fabulous and a must to try at least once, although there’s no doubt you’ll want to wear them again and again.

17Leave: Spider Eyes

This year, one of the biggest eyelash trends is to have longer, bolder eyelashes. And it’s no surprise, really. Having long, lustrous eyelashes is always a win because they look gorgeous and feminine. That said, there are limits as to how long and fluttery eyelashes should be. Take the spider eyes look, for example. True to its name, the effect really is like spider’s legs, as some eyelashes are kept shorter than others, and the long ones add a new level to their length, reaching cheekbones and eyebrows. Woah, that’s super long! While the look would be great on stage, in real life these lashes take all the attention away from the rest of your face and even try to cover up some of your face. They’re a little too artistic to pull off every day, even though you’ll probably love the way they’re so fluttery and wispy. The best way to deal with this trend is to save the spider leg lashes for dress-up parties and masquerade balls, and stick to achieving normal-length long eyelashes every other day. You don’t even need false eyelashes to achieve it. Just get your hands on a lengthening mascara, such as Kevin Aucoin Beauty The Volume Mascara that separates lashes while giving them length without being too overwhelming. 

16Love: Glitter Lashes

Lashes deserve a bit of glamor every now and then, so don't reserve the glitter for your eyelids - sprinkle some on your eyelashes, too. However, proceed with extreme caution here. Regular glitter, the type you use in arts and crafts, is not meant for your eyes. You can injure or damage your eyes if some of those hard flecks end up in them. That doesn't mean you should skip this trend, though. You just have to know what products to use on your lashes to make them sparkle and shine without putting your eye health at risk.

Invest in glitter mascara, such as Marc Jacobs Beauty Lamé Noir Ultra-Glittering Mascara.

The mascara has been formulated with micro glitter to catch the light, while also preventing any flakes from ruining your glamorous look. For best results, you should use glitter mascara as a top coat over another mascara, to maximize the effect by boosting your lash volume and making the glitter much more noticeable. Using glitter-infused mascara is an easy way to achieve sparkly eyelashes without the drama of hurting your eye or wearing an eye makeup look that's too extreme. You can wear glitter eyelashes at the office and club, ensuring you sprinkle some glamor everywhere you go.

15Leave: Pompom Eyelashes

Who doesn't love pompoms? They were such fun to play with as kids, and they've been making a huge comeback in beauty and fashion. As reported by Metro, the trend of using pompoms in makeup is really simple: you just stick tiny pompoms on your face in different colors. The trend has hit eyelashes in a big way, and the look is just as easy to achieve: you just apply pompoms to your lashes. The look can be subtle and doesn't even have to touch your lashes, such as by placing pompoms in the outer corners of your eyes. Or, you could choose eyelid art that makes use of long pins on which pompoms are placed. This gives you long pieces behind your lashes on which stand colorful bubbles of color. Finally, you can go OTT with the pompoms, as seen in the above picture. The pompoms run all along the lower and upper lash line, which must feel nice and warm in the winter time but can be a little too claustrophobic to wear. Will people even get to see your eyes or mascara-dipped eyelashes with this look? Probably not! If you want to bring pompoms into your beauty look, at least try to go minimal with them so that you don't end up with a clownish appearance. 

14Love: Clumpy Eyelashes

When you think of clumpy lashes, you probably think of using dried-up mascara and how it causes your lashes to look scraggly and gloopy. But the trend of clumpy lashes really has the wrong name because it's much more stylish than that. As reported by Harper's Bazaar, the 2018 spring show at Christian Dior revealed "retro clumpy lashes" that are making a comeback. Before you apply mascara to your lashes with a heavy hand to achieve this look, bear in mind that your lashes aren't supposed to be too striking or dramatic. You will need lots of mascara layers, as well as a few well-placed lashes, the site goes on to explain. It might, therefore, help to use some lash extensions in certain places to create an eye-catching look.

Or, simply apply your mascara by holding the bottle vertically so you can use the tip of the wand to mush some lashes together and create the clumps.

Don't make too many clumps as that will ruin the whole look and make your lashes appear messy. This mascara trend is worth trying because it gives your eyelashes a bit more character, plus you don't have to worry about making your lashes perfectly defined.

13Leave: Flower Lashes

The use of flower in beauty makes you think of rose-petal lipstick and delicious fragrances that smell like spring gardens. But flowers are taking on a more literal and OTT sense of style. You’ve probably seen the flower brows that have been causing a stir, and if not, they involve gluing flowers to your eyebrows. Flower lashes have also been experimented with. As you can see in the image, these definitely make a statement and it’s a loud one! Wearing flower petals on your eyelids, such as with the use of fake eyelashes that are decorated with flowers, is definitely pretty but it’s not practical at all. It probably also feels weird to have such large flowers on your eyelids, a bit like wearing a hat that clouds some of your vision. Some people also have been gluing real flower petals straight from the garden onto their eyelids. This isn’t a good idea, especially if you have allergies, and it’s also something that you won’t be able to wear for too long before the petals start to turn brown. The bottom line: although flowers on your eyelashes makes you dream of being in a fairytale, they’re a little too kooky. A better choice is floral eyeliner, which is when you paint tiny flowers onto your lash line with liquid or pencil eyeliners in a range of colors. 

12Love: Reverse Lashes

If you want to do something a little different with your false lashes, be bold and try the reverse lash trend. Basically, to achieve this look you have to apply your false eyelashes the other way around so that they create this spidery effect. Although it might seem odd or OTT, the result is actually quite pretty, especially when combined with subtle pastel eyeshadow to soften the look. Your eyes will seem larger and more beautiful with this trend, while your eyelashes will look extremely long, and that's always an attractive thing. As reported by Look, it was makeup artist Pablo Rodriguez who started the trend.

Instead of trying to apply fake eyelashes, which can be tricky to do at times, he decided to do something totally different and glue the ends of the lashes onto the lash line.

Not only much easier to do, this technique gives the lashes much more length and it looks like the lashes have been clumped together at the ends, which is an interesting touch. People will surely wonder how you achieved this style, but best of all the effect is a bit of drama without anything too crazy on your eyes. It’s also a fun way to upcycle those falsies that you’re bored of.

11Leave: Cartoon Lashes

Cute, cartoonish eyelashes make your eyes the focus of attention. Only attention-seekers need to apply this look! Sure, these cartoonish lashes look fun and interesting - just look at all the details in this eyelash art, such as the cherry and the white spots on the strawberry! It's amazing how much work has gone into making them. But, while it's an artistic item, it's not really easy to wear this in real life. For starters, you might feel a bit silly knowing that there's what looks like a Disney scene coming to life on your eyelashes every time you blink. You might want to skip wearing these lashes daily, as it's just too much, sort of like wearing a ball gown to the office or when you go grocery shopping. However, if you're going to a fun party and you feel like stepping out of your comfort zone, by all means, rock this eyelash trend. The bottom line: these colorful, dramatic eyelashes are perfect for pulling out of your makeup drawer for special occasions, but they're definitely not something that will add style to your look on a daily basis, so we're giving them a skip until Halloween or Christmas. 

10Love: No Mascara

You might love your favorite mascara brands, and the thought of ditching your mascara tube in favor of not wearing anything on your lashes might make you reel in horror. But the "no mascara" look has become trendy because the minimal makeup look is still in, and probably will be for a long time to come. The good thing about skipping your mascara is that it makes you have to do less in the morning when putting on your makeup.

It also gives you the chance to focus on making your lashes as healthy and beautiful naturally instead of relying on makeup to give them a boost in volume and length.

On the fashion catwalks, brands such as John Galliano and Lanvin focused on bare faces and natural lashes, and the looks were fresh-faced and gorgeous. According to the Independent, Lanvin used glitter on the eyelids of models to make eyes larger and wider, so clearly, there are clever ways to accentuate your eyes without the use of your trusty mascara. You can use eyelash curlers, eyelash serums to give your lashes a glossier look, and eyeliner to create makeup looks that are always chic, no mascara required. You’ll be surprised how creative you become!

9Leave: The Double Lash

The name of this trend sounds interesting, like having more voluminous lashes. But that’s not really what it’s about, although it really does go OTT with eyelashes. As you can see in the picture, the double lash trend is really about applying a second strip of fake lashes to your eyelids, so that you have your first set of eyelashes where they’re supposed to be and a second set creating a sort of halo around the first. The result is sure to make people do a double-take – although maybe just because they’ll think that they’re seeing double. This look, which recently heated up Instagram, was created by makeup guru Alex Link who decided to use eyelashes in a different way, according to Pop Sugar. But, as the site mentions, you might not be able to wear this eye trend when meeting up with the family, but it’s definitely something worth doing for Instagram. Let’s leave the trend there on social media instead of rocking it in real life, okay? Not only does it look a bit strange to have so many eyelashes where they’re not supposed to be, but the trend also wastes a whole set of your false lashes. Eek! 

8Love: Neon Lashes

Love neon shades? They’re having a big moment in the spotlight, and not just when it comes to clothing and accessories. Neon eyelashes are an awesome way to experiment with these brighter makeup colors. As seen on the Dries Van Noten fall 2018 runway, models were sporting a range of neon eyelash colors, from orange and blue to purple and yellow. The look doesn’t have to be reserved for the runway, though. You can most certainly wear neon mascara or false eyelashes in your daily life. Not convinced?

If doing both your upper and lower lashes in this bright color feels a little too dramatic, stick to doing your upper lashes and leave the lower ones bare.

You can also add just a dash of neon color to some of your top lashes. For example, add a swipe or two of neon orange or pink to the outer lashes to widen your eyes and create a burst of color that you’ll love. The great thing about this trend is that there’s so much you can do with it to make it your own, and a unique take on the trends is always the best way to stay in style without losing your innate chicness.

7Leave: Summer Eyes

When you look at this amazing eyelash art, chances are you'll keep wanting to take more glances at it because it's so striking. What's so incredible about it is that it's not just the eyelashes jewelry that's causing a stir - that's just the first step in an elaborate eye makeup technique that includes a smoky eye which has been accomplished with fruity eyeshadow colors. While these eyelashes, fit with ice cream and lemon slices sticking out of them, is fun and bright, meaning they're perfect to wear during the summer holiday, they're a little too OTT. If they only included the string of beads along the eyelash line, that would definitely be subtle and stylish enough to wear daily. But there's just too much happening in this eyelash art. It looks stunning on the runways and at the beach parties when you want to be the center of attention, but it's just not something you could wear to the post office, you know? In addition, there's so much color on your eyes that it'll take attention away from everything else you're wearing. This eyelash trend really steals the spotlight, and maybe a little too much for its own good. 

6Love: White Eyelashes

Gone are the days when black mascara was a staple. Now you can get a range of different mascara shades, including glittery ones for extra oomph. If you want something different, try using white mascara on your lashes instead of darker shades. This interesting look was spotted on the Concept Korea Fall/Winter 2018-2019 runway, where it proved how underrated white mascara is. And, it certainly does look chic!

White mascara has a clean, stylish appearance about it that’s intensified when you team it up with white eyeliner.

It also seems to enhance the rest of your makeup, so don’t be afraid to choose bold lipstick colors or blush shades. Since white is neutral like black, it works with bright colors instead of clashing with them. White mascara is especially great to try during the summer months because it looks so crisp and fresh. If you want an extra dash of style, apply white mascara as a base coat and then make your top coat something with glitter in it. The white will be the perfect foundation on which to apply glitter, making it really pop! Another idea is to coat just one or two lashes with a neon mascara shade, for a subtle but fun element to your look. The options are endless!

5Leave: Needle Lashes

Some eyelash trends aren’t just OTT, they’re completely crazy! An example is the eyelash needle trend. Aspiring makeup artist Milan Bauranov glued straight pins onto his eyelids and then uploaded the image to Instagram. He painstakingly took the time – half an hour, in case you’re wondering – to glue the needles onto his skin with the use of tweezers. As reported by Allure, he tried to make the needles appear delicate while putting them in safe positions. And, he added that he didn’t poke himself once. Eek! Just the thought of it is scary. Although this experiment was done for purely artistic purposes, this is something you really shouldn’t attempt yourself. Sure, you know you won’t be wearing needle lashes to the next party you’re invited to, but even if you just want to try it out for fun when you and your friends are bored or you want to push the boundaries of what’s considered fashionable, it’s best not to go there. While lashes are becoming a huge part of the face on which to experiment with lots of different makeup and artistic beauty looks, when there’s a risk of pain or injury, it’s best not to try the trend in question. 

4Love: Subdued Lashes

This trend, known as Boy Lashes by Cosmopolitan, is all about having really subtle eyelashes so that they look like your normal, non-decorated ones. The interesting thing about this trend is that it goes to the other side of being extreme with eye-makeup – it’s extreme because it’s so plain! To get the look, you don’t need to purchase anything fancy – no glittery mascara or eyelash art sets bought online at Etsy.

You just need your humble tube of mascara and a maximum of two coats on your lashes.

That’s it. You can keep the rest of your face makeup super minimal, too. Honestly, although the trend might not seem like anything special, it’s really refreshing. It removes the need to invest in lots of makeup products and stays true to the golden rule of makeup that never goes out of style: less really is more! So, although choosing this eyelash trend might not get you lots of attention or thousands of Instagram likes, it’s really easy to achieve on busy mornings and it’ll make you look fresh-faced while accentuating the natural beauty of your eyes without any fuss. Just make sure you maintain the health of your skin and treat it with nourishing products so that you get a natural glow because your skin will definitely be the star of the show.

3Leave: Feather Eyelashes

People have been putting synthetic peacock feathers onto their eyelashes to add a burst of color and patterns to their makeup look. Although those look dramatic and can be really pretty, they’re not for everyone. The same goes for the more extreme take on the feather eyelash trend, which involves long, feathery lower lashes that stick out in all directions. Although these are definitely different, they’re a little too odd rather than being amazing. Do you want to walk around with scraggly eyelashes? What message are they really sending, other than that one is trying a little too hard to be different from the crowd? Worst of all, your eyelashes will get totally lost in this trend, disappearing under the feathers that look like someone stuck bits of a feather duster onto your lower lids. If you want feathery lashes, rather stick to feather extensions that give you a stylish and artistic appearance without being too OTT. Instead of adopting the trend with all your lashes, though, keep the look subdued. That goes for all feather-related extensions that you can find out there. They'll have much more effect that you'll be able to pull off in a totally stylish way! 

2Love: Wispy Lashes

Wispy lashes are soft and romantic. They're a great way to get gorgeous lashes that don't look like they've taken forever to achieve. That's the point: what you do to your lashes should always look as natural as possible. So, before you go a little too crazy with the wispy false eyelashes, remember that less will be much more stylish.

A good tip when using feathery or wispy lashes is to focus on adding more of the effect to the outer eyelashes.

This will serve to draw the eye upwards, which creates an eyelash version of the winged eyeliner look. You also want to avoid applying too much mascara to the rest of your lashes, as this can make the trend look too harsh instead of soft and dreamy. The fake outer eyelashes that you apply should also be longer than the others, which will further create that wispy effect we all covet. So, when buying false eyelashes, make sure you choose fine, soft ones. A good tip is to opt for mink eyelashes which generally look like your own lashes but just have an extra bit of length and a more compact, voluminous finish, according to the Independent's review of popular fake lash products.

1Leave: Squiggly Eyelashes

The squiggly eyelash look has been around for a while now but instead of being a hit trend, it just looks weird. Curled eyelashes are one thing to make your eyes appear larger as well as make your lashes look much longer than they are, but squiggly ones just look strange, as though the lashes have been permed! This prevents them from being chic and long – wavy lashes will appear to be shorter, which is the last thing you want. Luckily, the trendy post on Instagram was revealed to be nothing more than a joke. It was posted onto the social networking site by makeup lover Ikhaniic who used a photo editing app to give her lashes a crazy wavy effect. But with so many crazy eyelash trends that are making the rounds, it’s only a matter of time before someone wants to achieve curly, wavy, trippy lashes. We already have the permed eyelash trend, after all, which is when you get your lashes curled so that you don’t have to use an eyelash curler.